My Blogging History (Cringey, Messy, but Fun!)

Hi friend! Welcome to the blog.

My history with blogging is actually pretty interesting!

Let’s go back to 2009. I launched the tiniest little wedding planning blog called Are We Wed Yet? It was all about the DIY adventures of my wedding and oof, looking back, it was rough. Fuzzy pictures, terrible design, cringe-worthy writing. But hey, we all start somewhere right?

After I tied the knot in 2010, I transformed AWWY into Two Live Colorfully, a DIY & Home Decor blog. No doubt, I was getting better. Cooler projects, better photos, and trying out new, colorful styles of decorating and crafting.

Once I launched my wedding planning (and eventual floral) business in 2014, my love of blogging faded in the wake of full-on obsession with my company. I could kick myself for not saving all that content. (Actually, the files could very well be on a hard drive somewhere around here!)

Aaaaand, we’re back to 2020. More than 10 years from my first ever blog post. So why start up another blog? I mean, I’ve got a youtube channel and about 3 other ventures (which you can totally explore in my portfolio!)

Not gonna lie, part of it is for the SEO/Internet-y reasons having a blog is good for your reach! But more than that, it’s about sharing my experience, inspiring other (almost) 30-somethings to live the loveliest life they can, and creating a memory I can save forever.

Also, for any readers from the future, we are currently locked down during the Corona Virus Pandemic of Spring 2020 and what better time to start a new project when you’ve been locked at home for 30+ days!

So, here we go. I hope you’ll join me.

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